Let’s Begin

If you are an XXY individual or have a child or sibling who is, we invite you to contribute an account of what that means to you. To help you on your way we’ve compiled a couple of questions, you don’t have to answer all of them as they are merely offered as a guide to get you on your way. Our suggestion would be to print out the questions and jot down notes to any you wish to answer, then write your story from those notes. Remember we want your story in your words, so be as creative as you wish.

We look forward to hearing from you.

What would you like to be called by us

What’s your story (how did you get here)

When did you know you were different

When did you know you were XXY

How did you feel after being told

What did you do after being told

How did that feel

How did you embrace it

Where has your journey taken you

What challenges have you faced

What did not work for you and what did work for you

What three tips can you share to help others starting on a similar path

What are you working on now

What else do you desire/dream to do

What’s coming up for you in the next year

How will you make that happen

What question would you like to be asked (or are just itching to answer) that’s not on this list

If you were in absolute control of the world for a week and whatever changes you made would stick for one century what would you change

If you could go back in time and in a perfect universe, talk to your parents and have them listen, and to your child XXY self, what would you say to each about your being XXY to help them

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