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Anxiety and Depression in Klinefelter Syndrome: The Impact of Personality and Social Engagement

Yet another excellent research article from the Danes who above all others really understand our biological makeup.KS patients had a significantly higher level of testosterone than controls, reflecting the fact that the majority of these KS participants were receiving high…

From Chromosomes to Epigenetics & Gene Editing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnO196BQ8kA&feature=youtu.be An Interview with Professor Malcolm Ferguson-Smith who is is Emeritus Professor of Pathology, University of Cambridge. He graduated in medicine at Glasgow University in 1955 and, while undertaking postgraduate training there in pathology, was introduced to research on sex chromatin under…

Listen To The Child

Positive outcomes are possible especially when the child's needs are placed front and centre of any desired outcome. The Admin team at Beyond XXY have long been huge fans of Morgan, and sincerely wish her all the best with her music career and life


We rely on volunteers who are associated with or personally impacted by XXY to help with running our website as well as, those with experience in peer support, speaking with parents and XXY individuals who might be struggling to make sense of a new diagnosis or treatment. If you think this is something you might be interested in, we would love to hear from you

Interview: David Cooke on 47XXY

Before puberty, there’s little that cries out, oh, this is a child with Klinefelter syndrome,” Cooke says. Nothing commonly sets the boys apart. If slightly weaker muscles or cognitive or social delays surface, he adds, they tend toward the low-end-of-normal. In mid-puberty the syndrome’s phenotype gains strength—luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormones rise above normal; plasma testosterone drops. Still, few early-teen boys know they have Klinefelter.

Invisible Gender in Medical Research

Four decades ago, gender disparities research was uncommon. A quick search of PubMed today reveals how far we have come, yielding 8391 published articles with either the term gender disparities or gender differences in the title. A similar search for disparities in transgender or gender minority populations, however, yielded only 67 articles with only a handful focused on conditions outside of mental and sexual health.

ANOHNI Honors Renowned Intersex Performer Dr. Julia Yasuda

Who'd have known about her being XXY, did you? By all accounts it appears this aspect of her life was never published, or if it was it was done before our time, this kind of resonates with Caroline Cossey the James Bond girl (For Your Eyes Only) who following that movies release the press exposed her as being XXXY, a couple of interviews followed and then nothing more since that time, I guess people just get on with their lives as best they can?