An Educator

As far as learning disabilities/differences go, yes some of us have had a harder time in a public school setting. Does a learning disability/difference correlate to lower IQ? No. Many of us appear to have rather higher IQs leading us to believe that there is a range just like the rest of the population. Really the only thing a learning disability is is an inability to completely adapt to one method of teaching.

Photo Credit: Austin Chan

austin-chan-275638-unsplashSome of us are visual learners, some are kinesthetic (tactile)learners, while others have eidetic or near eidetic memories. How can public school systems expect everyone to adapt to a single method?

Work with learning differences, and not assume it relates to intelligence or a lifelong issue. We are adaptable creatures. Things that appear to be problematic at an early age- might not be so later.

I need my teacher to not assume I am stupid, but rather to identify how I learn best and what my challenges are. Devise settings and methods that are optimal for me to learn and to show you what I have learned.