Hard to believe at the time of our posting this resource from Iain McKinlay is eight years old as it seems like only yesterday it was brought to our attention, though be that as it may, it still remains an excellent insight of one person’s account with being XXY, an account  we are certain many of you will relate to. The book is interlaid with various examples of growing up with learning issues and struggling within a school system ill-equipped for people who (mostly) unbeknown to caregivers experienced intense cognitive challenges where physical workarounds seldom if ever yield any real improvement. As with everything in life we are not saying all XXY’s have cognitive impairments but for those who do it’s very real and plays a tremendous impact on their quality of life.


“I would like to apologise in advance for the appaling spelling and punctuation within this book – but grammar in particular. I have no idea what a past participle is or an inflexion,
or really when to include a semicolon or a comma (limitations of spellchecker when you can’t spell). This is due in part to years of looking out of classroom windows as a child; for doodling inside my desk (can’t touch you for it); for getting regular verbal tellings-off for grammar and 6 of the belt for spelling (oh yes, Human Rights and litigation would have a field day nowadays); for taking ‘O’ level English at night-school and still failing; for… well, you get the picture” 

The KS Story by Iain McKinlay