The Rights Of Children in Bio-Medicine. Challenges Posed by Scientific Advances and Uncertainties

Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN The Committee on Bioethics of the Council of Europe commissioned this study to identify potential areas of heightened concern for the rights of children that may be unfavourably affected by scientific advances and uncertainties in biomedicine. This report is the result of that study. It provides substantive illustrations of the diversity of… Read More

Understanding The Needs Of Professionals Who Provide Psychosocial Care For Children and Adults Who Are Intersex

AXYS (in particular) continue to big note just one research article that fits with their outright denial of how XXY children who are subjected to exogenous testosterone either in infancy or as adolescents show any sign of gender dysphoria, that they are simply ‘typical males’ with an extra X chromosome that outside of delaying a… Read More

Klinefelter’s Syndrome (XXY) by Morgan Peppe

Great intro from Morgan, totally unlike the usual virilisation/ testosterone video’s that XXY’s seem compelled to share, Morgan’s approach offers humour where none previously existed it also highlights the realities of subjecting oneself to the standard treatment of Testosterone and how it might make the individual present more male like,though unfortunately for those who identify their… Read More


Anxiety and Depression in Klinefelter Syndrome: The Impact of Personality and Social Engagement

Yet another excellent research article from the Danes who above all others really understand our biological makeup. KS patients had a significantly higher level of testosterone than controls, reflecting the fact that the majority of these KS participants were receiving high doses of exogenous testosterone. Similarly, testosterone levels among KS patients receiving testosterone therapy were… Read More