A Conversation with David Strachan, Intersex and Non-binary Pioneer

I sat down with David Cameron Strachan to reflect on intersex and LGBTQ history, the meaning of “non-binary” gender, and a recent court victory—The San Francisco Superior Court granted David’s petition for non-binary gender markers** last Wednesday. He is now the 5th legally non-binary person in California! David has been an intersex activist for over 20… Read More

Hyperestrogenism The Elephant in Klinefelter’s Syndrome

Photo Credit: William Daigneault What is clear is that a condition of relative hyperestrogenism is present in these patients, since the estradiol/testosterone ratio is altered thanks to the lower concentrations of total serum testosterone in presence of normal serum estradiol. Accordingly, the results of this study confirm unequivocally the significant reduction in total serum testosterone… Read More

Inside the Experiment That Could End Infertility

IVG uses stem cells — the biological clay that can form every body part — to build sex cells, which in humans are sperm and eggs. If successful, the technique could solve infertility due to age, cancer, or various disorders, which today affects tens of millions of people. It could also stretch the possibilities for genetic kinship and nudge biology… Read More