Anxiety and Depression in Klinefelter Syndrome: The Impact of Personality and Social Engagement

Yet another excellent research article from the Danes who above all others really understand our biological makeup.KS patients had a significantly higher level of testosterone than controls, reflecting the fact that the majority of these KS participants were receiving high doses of exogenous testosterone. Similarly, testosterone levels among KS patients receiving testosterone therapy were significantly… Read More

The More Things Change, The Greater The Pace of Ignorance

If you’ve given any thought as to why the juggernaut of Virilisation continues unabated especially amongst a sex chromosome variant population like XXY, even though adults who have long been exposed have either never experienced the full impact or worse have experienced undesirable effects many of which have been a detriment to physical and mental… Read More

From Chromosomes to Epigenetics & Gene Editing

An Interview with Professor Malcolm Ferguson-Smith who is is Emeritus Professor of Pathology, University of Cambridge. He graduated in medicine at Glasgow University in 1955 and, while undertaking postgraduate training there in pathology, was introduced to research on sex chromatin under Bernard Lennox. An interest in Klinefelter’s syndrome in 1957 to 1958 led to his appointment as… Read More