The Beyond XXY Project consists of a group of individuals concerned with treatment paradigms that set XXY individuals of any age on a path toward gender affirmation often undertaken without regard for what the person wants or needs. Rejections are not uncommon and can often lead to psychological issues the most common being an exacerbation of existing Anxiety and Depression, as well as Gender Dysphoria where the individual is left to question their identity and place in the world.


That impact of is often made worse by a lack of support from those who instigated ‘treatment’ with many Doctor’s walking away from their patients on realising treatments had not gone according to plan. Not helpful is a doctor’s limited exposure to XXY with most believing the root of all that ails XXY is Hypogonadism (Klinefelter’s   Syndrome) and that it can be easily fixed upon the administration of exogenous Testosterone.

Missing from such a directive is the absence of longer-term research across all age groups a consequence being our experiences are compared with XY Males even though our biological makeup is so different.

Our Mission is to raise awareness of our diversity and to educate caregivers plus those responsible for our healthcare to the knowledge we are all individuals and need to be treated as such.